Featured Runner “Moraima Bailey” February 2016

kettle“Mory”, as affectionately called by her friends and family has become quite a challenge seeker and a loving character in the Midwest ultra-running community. She started her ultra adventures in 2010 participating as a runner and a volunteer with the same passion and dedication to both. After participating in 50ks, 60ks, 100ks she eventually answered the call of the “hundo” and recently set out to complete five 100 mile races in a period of 8 months, 4 of them being part of the 2015 Kansas Grand Slam of Ultra Running and one of them a Western States Qualifier…she completed them all.


Date of Birth: I’m a 70’s baby; January 10th 1970’s

Place of Birth: Fort Hood, Texas.  Raised in Germany and Puerto Rico

Currently Residing:  Indianapolis, IN

Marital Status: Fun relationship

Job(s): Global Supply Chain Validation Consultant at Roche Diagnostics, and part time Social Media Engagement Assistant

Children: None of my own but nieces, nephews and great nephews make up for it.

Height: 5’3″, a tid bit shorter than King Eric.

Weight: Hey…! Well, 130lbs.

Shoe Size: Men’s 9 or 9.5, have not found a comfortable women’s shoe for my long awkward feet. Plus, guys get the coolest colors.

Best Physical Feature: Friends say it’s my smile…I guess because it comes from the heart.

Worst Physical Feature: Second toe of each foot. Those things are so dang long that they are always the first to be banged and bruised…even walking around the house.

Religion: Christian

Political Affiliation: Independent

Educational Background: Regulatory compliance, engineering and manufacturing; BS, MS

Personal Strength(s): Optimism and Perseverance… traits that have been essential for distance running passion.

Personal Weakness(es): Empathy…has led me to be sucker punched more than once.

Make Of Car You Drive: 2002 GMC Yukon SLT. Not particular about cars, just as long as they take me and my stuff safely to race destinations.

Make Of Car You Would Like To Drive: If money was no obstacle; a toy car I would like to drive at least once is the 2015 Ferrari LaFerrari, just to experience 788 hp.

Pets: Not at this time but had two beautiful furry buns for almost 19 years. If I do get dogie blues, I just help out at the shelters.


Favorite Author: Stephen King.

Favorite Book: The Shinning

Favorite Non-running Magazine: Outside, National Geographic

Favorite Movie: “Alien” and all the full series but I can’t deny it…Start Wars as well

Favorite TV Show: Don’t watch that much TV but I found the recent series Rome, House and Dexter quite entertaining. OK…at the time of this …well…they may be considered vintage.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Meryl Streep

Favorite Music: 80’s Rock

Favorite Musical Performer: Sting

Favorite Artist: Angel Botello

Favorite Spectator Sport: Not to much of a sport’s spectator, but I’d say basketball.

Favorite Subject in School: Science

Favorite Game: Charades

Favorite Vacation Destination: Anywhere new

Favorite Time Of Day: 11:11; day or night…binary geeks would get this.

Favorite Item Of Clothing: Inkn’Burn Firefly Skort

Favorite Non-Running Leisure Activity: Live comedy or theater

Favorite Running Shoe: Altra (Lone Peak 2.0, Torin)

Favorite Food/Drink During An Ultra: Besides Tailwind; I’d say ginger ale, hazelnut chocolate wraps…and the awesome energy treats or soups home made by the event volunteers. Those have one of the best ingredients….love.

Favorite Food/Drink Before An Ultra: Udon noodles soup or sushi or sweet potatoes with everything on it except sour cream… no midnight tooting please.

Favorite Food/Drink After An Ultra: Beer (the darker the better) and pizza. Recently the 100 mile pie from Tossed n’ Sauced…just to die for!

Favorite Crew/Pacer Person(s): I have only had three experiences with crews/pacers. The first was surprise at Kettle Moraine where a sweet couple I had just met while I volunteered for the Indiana Trail 100, showed up and were adamant to crew/pace for me. Humbling, because they offered their time, and care for me like I never thought possible. My second experience with crew was at the Honey Badger

where it was required but again, very humbling. Since then… I rely on my drop bags and the care of the ever giving aid station volunteers. But soon, very soon I will have the experience of a lifetime with my family being my crew; exciting and super scary at the same time.

Favorite Place To Run: For a close to Indiana home everyday run, Yellowood State Forest, Nashville, IN.

Favorite Type Of Running Surface: Dirt forest trails…hey but I’m not that picky, I’ll take roads with a view too.

Favorite Famous Quote: “the only true measure between your words and your deeds is the love you leave behind when you are gone.” ~F. Small


Number of Years Running Ultras: 6

Number of Ultras Finished: 26

Best Ultra Performance(s): Completing five (5) 100 mile races in a period of 8 months, 4 of them part of the 2015 Kansas Grand Slam of Ultrarunning

Most Memorable Ultra: Canyon de Chelly…never will forget the spiritual journey running in the sacred land of the Navajo, and my first EPIC Ultra @ Flatrock.

Typical Training Week(s) Before A Major Race: Before my first 100 mile race I would run 60-70 miles per week; after that it has been just maintenance with no more than 35-40 maybe less per week. Yup, defy’s the data analysis and statistical expectations; but I’ll add the magic hands of Dave Reed, Muscle Activation Therapy BS, MATn/Rx.

Injuries: Displaced fractured toes, knee strains (all of the funny “astus, oleus” named muscles), piriformis syndrome. Non-running related: Misaligned vertebrae due to car accidents (T-4, T-5), slipped ribs, bunions….hey these can hurt like crazy!

Ultrarunning Idol: Ann Trason, Nikki Kimball….and of course my dear friend Scott Jurek.

Why Do You Run Ultras:  It may sound quirky but at this time in this adventure called life I run with a dedication, something that fills my heart at that time, besides finding out how far I can go, its being out in beautiful trails surrounded by the wonderful ultra community and a passion that lights the fire within me.

Advice For Other Ultrarunners: Do the work, listen to your body, have a little patience, trust the fire within and lead one step at a time with an open heart…and a big smile…BELIEVE!.


Personal Hero: My parents Maria and Charles, for all they have done for me and for others.

Personal Philosophy:  BELIEVE and FIRE WITHIN.

Short-Term Goal: Complete another 100 mile series, and giving back to my community by running my dear Island Puerto Rico for the children of Puerto Rico.

Long-Term Goal: Complete a  multi stage race (MDS or 4 Deserts or if EPIC Ultras comes up with one…wink, wink).

Most Prized Possession: My memory…and “if” that fails…the pictures of all the wonderful people and places I have been blessed to experience and share with.

Most Proud Achievement: When I am able to make someone smile from the heart.

Happiest Memory: Blessed to have had so many that I cannot choose only one.

Secret Ambition/Fantasy: Run the Americas, from Canada to Tierra del Fuego!

Greatest Adventure:  Run the ancient trails of the Inca’s or any other ancient culture for that matter.


Least Liked Subject: Politics

Least Liked Household Chore: Cleaning bathrooms.

Pet Peeve during an Ultra: Uncontrolled “sloshing” of a hydration bladder! Just flip it upside down and suck the air pocket out, that’s not so hard. And the rattling of “pills” in a hard plastic container….geez, put them in a baggie!

Greatest Fear: Losing my memory.


Book Currently Reading: None at this time, too many regulatory documents to read at work.

Hobbies: Baking and Geology…yup, dirt and rocks.

Collections: Besides race “chachkis” (medals, buckles, trinkets, shirts), I collect a stone/rock from places I consider special…and yes, I do have one from Kansas!

What’s next: Proud to say that I have been honored by being invited as part of the select group of runners to run Puerto Rico from coast to coast to support the San Jorge Children’s Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the health and welfare of children. I get to run with my family by my side, and that is a dream come true.


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  1. Nelly

    Mory is awesome! So very sweet, humble, badass…. Best of luck on everything you do, but especially the Purrto Rico coast to coast!

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