Featured Runner “Dave Meeth” June 2016

roaringDave “The Professor” Meeth (in his own words): I was never much of an athlete in school or in middle age, but I had run a few 10K’s and fancied myself as a ‘runner.’  In my 40’s, when the kids got older, I ventured into half’s and finally ran a marathon in 2011.  While I was very happy with that, I missed 4 hours by 2 minutes and was driven to improve.  It took me two more tries but I finally ran a 3:48 at the Eisenhower Marathon in Abilene in 2013.  I had also discovered trail running that year and decided I should run an ultra while I was 50.  FlatRock 50K that fall lit the fuse and, a month later, I ran my first 50-miler – after catching the fever from (read: getting brain-washed by) a great guy I had met at a couple of races – Zach Adams.  That’s when I first felt the true enjoyment of running long and steady, and the camaraderie of the wonderful ultra community.  Since then I have met such amazing people and made some of the best friends of my life, and have also become the most physically and mentally healthy I’ve ever been.  But the best part, and unintended consequence, of it all has been watching friends, family, and coworkers get inspired to be more active, quit smoking, eat better, and enjoy life while we can.


Date of Birth: 18 May 1963

Place of Birth: Bad Kreuznach, W. Germany (I’m an Army brat – born when there was still an East and a West Germany).

Currently Residing:  Wichita, KS

Marital Status: Remarried – 9 years (16 years with my kids’ Mom)

Job(s): Senior Engineer at Airbus

Children: Jake (24), Eley (22), Catie (20)

Height: 5’ 10”

Weight: 160#

Shoe Size: 9

Best Physical Feature: Smile

Worst Physical Feature: Beer belly

Religion: None

Political Affiliation: Libertarian

Educational Background: Bachelor’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering) from Georgia Tech.

Personal Strength(s): I never give up, I like to make people laugh.

Personal Weakness(es): Not staying focused (squirrel!), and my picture is in the dictionary under “hypocrite”.

Make Of Car (and Motorcycle) You Drive: BMW

Make Of Car (and Motorcycle) You Would Like To Drive: BMW (yes, I’m ‘that guy’)

Pets: 2.5 dogs (2 dogs + 1 Chihuahua)


Favorite Authors: John Updike and Thomas Hardy

Favorite Book: Look Homeward Angel by Thomas Wolfe

Favorite Non-running Magazine: None

Favorite Movies: ‘The Quiet Man’, ‘Breaking Away’, ‘Defending Your Life’

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld

Favorite Actor/Actress: Steve McQueen

Favorite Music: Original, live music of almost all kinds

Favorite Musical Performers: Drive-by Truckers and Ryan Adams

Favorite Artist: Andrew Wyeth

Favorite Spectator Sport: NHL Hockey

Favorite Subject in School: Science

Favorite Game: Poker

Favorite Vacation Destination (so far): Germany

Favorite Times Of Day: Early morning alone time, and lunchtime runs

Favorite Item Of Clothing: Running shoes

Favorite Non-Running Leisure Activity: Listening to music

Favorite Running Shoes: New Balance; 1080 trainer and 101 trail shoe

Favorite Food/Drink Before An Ultra: Coffee (of course!) and Bob’s Red Mill muesli with coconut milk

Favorite Food/Drink During An Ultra: Hammer Perpetuem, avocado and cashews (and Nacho Cheese Doritos…)

Favorite Food/Drink After An Ultra: Beer, chocolate milk, beer

Favorite Crew/Pacer Person(s): Shay Caffey

Favorite Place To Run: So far; Black Canyon, AZ

Favorite Type Of Running Surface: Anything

Favorite Famous Quote: “Men are made up of potencies. We are magnets in an iron globe. We have keys to all doors. We are all inventors, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate. The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to be struck; the earth sensitive as iodine to light; the most plastic and impressionable medium, alive to every touch, and, whether searched by the plough of Adam, the sword of Caesar, the boat of Columbus, the telescope of Galileo, or the surveyor’s chain of Picard, or the submarine telegraph,—to every one of these experiments it makes a gracious response.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Number of Years Running Ultras: 3

Number of Ultras Finished: 10

Best Ultra Performance(s): 2016 Black Canyon 100K

Most Memorable Ultra: 2014 KUS 24-hours “The Accidental 100-miler that started it all”

Typical Training Week(s) Before A Major Race: Three week taper .

Injuries: N O N E ! ! !

Ultrarunning Idol: Zach (Fred Flintstone) Adams

Why Do You Run Ultras: I was never fast but found I could run long, steadily, and persevere… and I found a healthy channel for my addictive personality.  I also have unwavering support from my wife Joni who, while she thinks I am crazy, also sees how important it is to me and helps make it happen.  And lastly – because of all the other crazy, hippy, yuppie, dirty, fantastic freaks who share this sport and make it so special in the first place.

Advice For Other Ultrarunners: Practice/hone your balance of nutrition, hydration, and effort so you can stay injury-free while constantly improving your performance.


Personal Hero: None

Personal Philosophy: Take care of yourself, support others in common goals, and share in our victories and defeats (oh, and Don’t Be A Dick)

Short-Term Goal: Finish a ‘real’ 100 with some true elevation – Mohican Trail in June is my first real test outside of the flatlands

Long-Term Goal: Qualify and finish at Western States

Most Prized Possession: None

Most Proud Achievement: My first 100 miler, which was just under 24-hours – bonus!

Happiest Memory: The births of my children.

Secret Ambition/Fantasy: UTMB

Greatest Adventure:  Shark feeding dive in Mo’orea


Least Liked Subject: History

Least Liked Household Chore: Sorting/folding laundry

Pet Peeve(s): Selfish/rude people

Greatest Fear: Cats freak me out.


Books Currently Reading: The Return of the Native (Thomas Hardy); Look Homeward, Angel (Thomas Wolfe); In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks (Adam Carolla)

Hobbies: Riding motorcycles, music, beer and whiskey (if they count)

Collections: None

What’s next: Mohican Trail 100 on June 18th, Silver Rush 50 in Leadville in July & the Arkansas Traveler 100 in October.

vanclan“The Van Clan” — Dave Meeth, Zach & Candi Adams,
Shay Caffey, Dave Box & Johnny Webb.



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  1. Tim Valentine

    Thank you for sharing your story. I am running my first race in September. Your candor was inspiring.

    Tim Valentine

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