Featured Runner “Pamela Chapman Markle” September 2019

Pamela Chapman Markle (in her own words): I am a 63, soon to be 64-year old wife, mother, grandmother and cancer survivor. I have worked as a CRNA for the last 35 years, putting over 150,000 patients to sleep and bringing all of them back. I am a licensed sailboat captain and ran my first footrace of any distance at age 55 in 2011. Since then I have completed close to 50 ultramarathons including the Keys 100 six times, winning my age group each time and further setting age group course records in the Brazil 135, the Arkansas Traveler 100, Rocky Raccoon 100 and multiple other races. I have finished the Badwater 135 four times, setting an age group course record each time and finishing 3rd overall female in 2017. In 2019, I  won the Badwater 3 race UltraCup over all female entrants, as the oldest runner.  I have set the all-time age group USA records in the 100k, 100 mile and 12, 24 and 48 hour races. I currently hold the USA records in the 100k, 12 hour and 24 hour races, as well as the world record in the 12 hour race. I intend to be the first female to finish the Badwater 135 ten times over the age of 60 and further intend to break the USA and world records for the 50 mile, 100k, 12 hour, 100 mile, 24 hour, 48 hour and 6 day races in the 65-69 age group while holding all of these records in the 60-64 age group.


Date of Birth: 10-25-1955

Place of Birth: Flint, Michigan

Currently Residing:  San Leon, Texas

Marital Status: Married

Job(s): Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

Children: Three Children

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 117 lbs

Shoe Size: 8.5

Best Physical Feature: My eyes.

Worst Physical Feature: My feet.

Religion: Christian

Political Affiliation: None.  I hate politics and go mostly by honesty and truth which is why I hate politics!

Educational Background: Masters In Nurse Anesthesiology

Personal Strength(s): Discipline, endurance, dependability, persistence, outgoing, knowledgeable, caring.

Personal Weakness(es): Patience, bluntness, strong willed, stubborn, likes to take risks, perfectionist, self-critic.

Make Of Car You Drive:  2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd.

Make Of Car You Would Like To Drive: 1955 Chevrolet Corvette

Pets: Golden Retriever {Peanut}


Favorite Author: Tim Noakes

Favorite Book: Lore of Running

Favorite Non-running Magazine:  Woman’s Health

Favorite Movie:  Overboard with Goldie Hawn

Favorite TV Show: Don’t watch much T.V., Don’t have a favorite TV show. I really like comedy and the comedians are not too funny these days.  I loved Robin Williams.  Anything he was in was such a treat for me!

Favorite Actor/Actress: Goldie Hawn

Favorite Music: Motown, Easy Rock, Classical

Favorite Musical Performer: Andrea Bocelli

Favorite Artist: Akiane Kramarik

Favorite Spectator Sport: Basketball, The Rockets

Favorite Subject in School: Chemistry

Favorite Game: Solitaire

Favorite Vacation Destination: Bora Bora

Favorite Time Of Day: Mornings

Favorite Item Of Clothing: Badwater T-shirt, Badwater Buff

Favorite Non-Running Leisure Activity: Swimming, Rollerblading, Beach Walking, Bike Riding.

Favorite Running Shoe: TOPO Athletic

Favorite Food/Drink Before An Ultra: Peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Favorite Food/Drink During An Ultra: I haven’t figured that out yet.  Everything changes in every race.

Favorite Food/Drink After An Ultra: Pizza, creamed spinach, bison burger.

Favorite Crew/Pacer Person(s): Spencer Markle Crew Chief Always!  Pacers: Chavet Breslin, Chantelle Robitaillie & Susan Schenberg.

Pam with her “only” Crew Chief & Pacers/Crew – Badwater 135 / 2019

Favorite Place To Run: Death Valley, Florida Keys, Texas Gulf Coast Roads.

Favorite Type Of Running Surface: Road

Favorite Famous Quote: “The five S’s of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit; but the greatest of these is Spirit.” — Ken Doherty


Number of Years Running Ultras: Eight

Number of Ultras Finished:  45

Best Ultra Performance(s):
Badwater 135, {all 4 years} with a PR of 34:03, {I have finished this race 4 times and have lowered my time and age course record each year}.
Across the Years 24 Hour, 109.17 Miles, winning the USATF Age Record.
Across the Years, winning the USATF Age Record, 48 Hours with 153.27 Miles.
Kansas Rails to Trails Extravaganza, winning 1st female and USATF age group Record with 20:58:24.
FANS 12 Hours USATF age/record 65.2 Miles.
MadCity-100K, winning 3rd female, National USATF age record 11:30:52, and 1st Masters.
Badwater UltraCup winning 1st female.
Six Days in The Dome-The Redux: 1st female, 2nd overall, 118.79 Miles, 24 Hour USATF Record, 12 Hour 69 Miles USATF Record-World Record, 100K 10:47 USA Record, 100 mile in 19:02.

Most Memorable Ultra: Badwater 135

Typical Training Week(s) Before A Major Race:  I run 75-100 miles weekly.  Two days are intervals or Hills, 3 easy runs and two long runs.

Injuries: Fracture Tibia, torn hamstring, broken nose.

Ultrarunning Idol: Scott Jurek

Why Do You Run Ultras:  Because I love them.  They challenge me mentally and physically, making me stronger in both aspects.

Advice For Other Ultrarunners: Run your own race.  Don’t worry about other racers.


Personal Hero:  My Grandfather

Personal Philosophy:  I seem to have  followed this philosophy my entire life:  “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma–which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.” — Steve Jobs

Short-Term Goal: To better my speed in running and to encourage older athletes to continue to grow.

Long-Term Goal: To obtain the World Records for my age group; first in 60-64 and then in the 65-69 age group and then, who knows.

Most Prized Possession: My Family

Most Proud Achievement: My three Girls.  I raised them as a single mom and they are bright, good mothers, and outstanding citizens.  They are the center of my existence.  I am so proud of them!

Happiest Memory: The birth of my children.

Secret Ambition/Fantasy: To race cars.

Greatest Adventure:  Marriage to Spencer Markle.  This man has kept me laughing every day and is so exciting to be with.

Pam & Spencer – Salton Sea / 2019


Least Liked Subject: Politics and treating people with no respect are my dislikes.  People who are dishonest.

Least Liked Household Chore: Cleaning toilets, but I hate them being dirty even more!

Pet Peeve(s): People acting disabled to take advantage of the system.  Doctors who over-prescribe medications, Health Care decline.

Greatest Fear: Someday losing my independence. I want to stay in charge of my life and health.


Book Currently Reading: Peace is Every Step by Thich Nhat Hanh

Hobbies: Bike riding, beach walking, surfing, roller blading, swimming,

Collections: Belt Buckles from my Ultra Marathon Races.

What’s Next:  Run Rabbit Run 100 mile, Tunnel Hill 100 Mile, Icarus 48 Hour.  I am hoping to challenge and win the Age Group World Records for Tunnel Hill 100 mile and my Age Group World Record for the 48 Hour. In 2020, hopefully Western States 100 and then, of course, the Badwater UltraCup and the Keys 100. I have also been honored to Speak at the National Running Show, in England, in January.  I feel extremely blessed for this opportunity.

Pam on her way to setting multiple USATF Records
in the 24-Hour Event at Six Days in The Dome / 2019


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