Featured Runner “Justin Walker” August 2019

Justin Walker (in his own words): I grew up a non-athlete, trying at many different sports until I broke and dislocated my hip playing football. That injury stopped my athletic career…mentally. I went to the University of Oklahoma where I gained a bunch of weight, up to 220lbs. Then moved to Colorado to pursue meteorology career and found running relieved the stress of life. I lost a bunch of weight and found that I actually loved running.

I stumbled into my first ultra and DNF’ed it, realizing that these things are more mental than physical. I completed a handful of ultras over the next couple of years and attempted a 100 miler…in which I failed at the first 3 times. Took a while to figure out how to balance the mental and physical, but I went on to successfully run quite a few races now.

The greatest thing ultrarunning gave me was the gift of finding myself and what I’m truly passionate about. So, go out and find yourself, your gift and your passion!


Date of Birth: 11/03/1979

Place of Birth: Tulsa, OK

Currently Residing:  Wichita, KS.

Marital Status: Dating Adele Garcia.

Job(s): Run Specialty, Personal Run Coaching and a Yoga Instructor.

Children: 0

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 165

Shoe Size: 11.5

Best Physical Feature: Eyes or my smile.

Worst Physical Feature: Nose

Religion: Love

Political Affiliation: None

Educational Background: Meteorology at University of Oklahoma.

Personal Strength(s): Mental Fortitude and Desire.

Personal Weakness(es): Communication

Make Of Car You Drive: Toyota Tacoma.

Make Of Car You Would Like To Drive: ZO6 Vette, Dodge Viper or Eleanor (from Gone in 60s)

Pets: 0


Favorite Author: Don’t have a favorite.

Favorite Book: The Alchemist

Favorite Non-running Magazine: National Geographic or Outside.

Favorite Movie: The Revenant

Favorite TV Show: I don’t watch TV.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Tom Hanks

Favorite Music: Newgrass, Indie/folk, Americana.

Favorite Musical Performer: Whoever is playing in front of me at the time.

Favorite Artist: Anyone who plays from their soul.

Favorite Spectator Sport: Soccer

Favorite Subject in School: Science

Favorite Game: Catan

Favorite Vacation Destination: San Juan Mountains in SW Colorado.

Favorite Time Of Day: 30 mins before sunrise.

Favorite Item Of Clothing: A clean one.

Favorite Non-Running Leisure Activity: Beer/Coffee on a patio with live music.

Favorite Running Shoe: It always changes! Current is NB890.

Favorite Food/Drink Before An Ultra: Whatever my body is craving…just give it what it wants.

Favorite Food/Drink During An Ultra: Bacon/Cheese Quesadilla and salted Coke.

Favorite Food/Drink After An Ultra: Beer, beer and beer. Then a veggie burger and fries.

Favorite Crew/Pacer Person(s): Any person who has given their time/energy during any event…especially all those who helped me run across Oklahoma!

Favorite Place To Run: A trail in the wilderness, to lose myself in the moment.

Favorite Type Of Running Surface: Whatever my feet are on.

Favorite Famous Quote: “When you think you’re done, you’re only 40% of your body’s ability!”  -Goggins

All smiles at Bighorn 100 Mile-2019!


Number of Years Running Ultras: 10

Number of Ultras Finished:  50+

Best Ultra Performance(s): Pumpkin Holler 100m – 20:41, 1st Overall

Most Memorable Ultra: 511-mile journey across Oklahoma in 8 days, 11 hours and 49 mins averaging 62 miles a day.

Typical Training Week(s) Before A Major Race: Run 3 times the week of race, 10-15 miles total. I usually only take 7-10 days of taper. Proper training shouldn’t break down the body!

Injuries: The usual runner stuff early on…then I started listening to my body and journaling my running. This helped prevent any real injury the last 5 years.

Ultrarunning Idols: Yiannis Kouros and Killian Jornet.

Why Do You Run Ultras:  To prove to myself that I am stronger than my own self-doubt.

Advice For Other Ultrarunners: Take things slowly, listen to your body, don’t worry what everyone else is doing, make a logical plan and stick to it (either find a coach or a plan that fits you) and be present at all times.

Having a total blast at FloodRock 101K-2017!


Personal Hero: My mother.

Personal Philosophy:  Be kind, love everyone and smile through it all! Everything works out like it is supposed to, even if our mind says different!

Short-Term Goal: A sub 5 min mile and a sub 17 min 5k at 40 years old.

Long-Term Goal: Hardrock 100M.

Most Prized Possession: The love of friends and family. Possessions tend to possess us anyways.

Most Proud Achievement: Completing the 511-mile trek across Oklahoma. I had no idea how to do it or even how I did it…I just stayed present and moved forward until I reached Arkansas.

Happiest Memory: Being lost in the mountains…figuratively speaking of course.

Secret Ambition/Fantasy: Win a race at all distances…in which I’m well on my way to completing.

Greatest Adventure:  Always the one I’m currently in…life is an adventure!


Least Liked Subject: English

Least Liked Household Chore: Putting laundry away…I’m just going to wear it again!

Pet Peeve(s): People that talk over others and negativity.

Greatest Fear: Honestly, I don’t have any fears. Fears end up defining us and our daily actions, thus reinforcing the fear. Feel like a 90’s T-shirt ad…”No Fear”


Book Currently Reading: Daniels’ Running Formula…because I’m a coach, not because I’m a nerd!

Hobbies: Giving to others what I’ve learned in life, via coaching or conversations. Also a daily meditation, either formal or informal.

Collections: Running trophies and awards.

What’s Next: Turning back to speed training, 1-mile race in August and a 5k in November and then back to 1 mile in March. Then I’ll build back the distance, hoping to keep the speed in ultras.

Justin & teammates pacing Sean Lewis through his first 100 Miler at Prairie Spirit Trail!

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