Featured Runner “Jaclyn Long” March 2017

Jaclyn Long (in her own words): I am a single mother, (I was married for 11 years.) I have 3 amazing kids, so finding the time to run and train has not been easy, but I will say, “if you want it bad enough, then it can be done.” I give up sleep to train. On a normal night, I sleep 4-5 hours a night because I get up early in the morning to run while my kids are still sleeping. I try my hardest to not let my running interfere with my time with my kids. I have a huge love for the outdoors. I absolutely love the sun, heat and humidity. One of the big reasons that I fell in love with running was to have yet, another excuse to be outside, especially in the summer. I have been running for 18+ years. I even ran throughout my 3 pregnancies.  It wasn’t until I was done having children that I started running competitively. Since then I have completed 21 marathons, nine 50ks, two 50 milers and many other distances on up to 70.5 miles. I have also done 8 triathlons and 1 duathlon. I run for many reasons, primarily the feeling of accomplishment, it makes me feel good about myself and I just love the process of training and pushing my body. I also have to mention that the friendships I have developed through running are like no other friendships I have found anywhere. The ultrarunning community is amazing!!


Date of Birth: 4-16-1982

Place of Birth: Topeka, Kansas

Currently Residing: Hoyt, Kansas

Marital Status: Divorced, Single

Job(s): Special Education Para-Educator, Lifeguard (part time)

Children: (3)  Turner 8 yrs, Ashlyn 10 yrs, Parker 12 yrs.

Height: 5′ 2”

Weight: Summer weight, around 122 lbs. Winter weight, 125-130 lbs.

Shoe Size: 9 (yes, I have big feet for my body. I hate it!!)

Best Physical Feature: My legs

Worst Physical Feature: My belly

Educational Background: High School, Technical School.

Personal Strength(s): The ability to push my body way farther than I ever thought was possible. While racing, I take my pain and run w/it! Also I say that stubbornness is a strength for me because I have this crazy attitude that I will keep running no matter how injured I am. There is not many injuries that will take me out of running.

Personal Weakness(es): Eating too many donuts! Not taking enough rest days in regards to running.

Make Of Car You Drive: Chevy

Make Of Car You Would Like To Drive: Honda

Pets: 5 tortoises, 10 chickens, 1 duck


Favorite Movie: Any movie with Chevy Chase in it.

Favorite TV Show: I don’t watch TV.

Favorite Music: the 80’s

Favorite Spectator Sport: Watching my kids play any of their sports….. basketball ball, baseball, volleyball. This last fall my oldest son ran cross country. Words can’t explain the emotion that I felt seeing my son do what I love to do too.

Favorite Subject in School: Human Anatomy

Favorite Vacation Destination: Florida

Favorite Time Of Day: Afternoon, especially in the summer when it’s hot!!!!

Favorite Item Of Clothing: My bikini!! (I love the sun!!) in the summer I live in my bikini…… I wear it to mow, weed eat, garden and to feed my chickens and tortoises!!

Favorite Non-Running Leisure Activity: Biking

Favorite Running Shoe: Saucony Kinvara

Favorite Food/Drink Before An Ultra: (the night before) Italian Buffet

Favorite Food/Drink During An Ultra: Gatorade, bananas, goldfish crackers. (Absolutely no peanuts or peanut butter….. anything with peanuts in it will give me the shits!)

Favorite Food/Drink After An Ultra: Diet Dr. Pepper, watermelon. Half frozen fruit punch Gatorade.

Favorite Crew/Pacer Person(s): Any of my running friends…..too many to list!

Favorite Place To Run: Any gravel or dirt road on a very hot, humid and sunny day.

Favorite Type Of Running Surface: Gravel and dirt roads.


Number of Years Running Ultras: 3

Number of Ultras Finished: 11

Best Ultra Performance(s):
KUS 12 Hour, 1st overall, ran 70.5 miles in 11:58:39 and set a new Kansas State record for females.
Hawk 50 miler, 1st overall, 7:16:26/8:44 average pace
Brew to Brew solo, 44.5 miles, 1st overall female, 6:47:34/9:04 average pace

Most Memorable Ultra: KUS 6/12/24 (2016) it was at this race that I set a new Kansas State Record for females in the 12 hour by running 70.5 miles in 11:58:39.
Also, The Hawk 50 miler (2016) was a huge race for me. I set a new PR and was the overall winner with a time of 7:16:26, average pace, 8:44.

Typical Training Week(s) Before A Major Race: I never taper much for a race. I might go from running 80-90 miles a week to 50-60 miles, but that’s all. I also swim 4-5 miles of laps too.

Injuries: 2 metatarsal stress fractures, plantar fasciitis in both feet, nerve compartment syndrome, torn hamstrings, torn Lateral Collateral Ligament, broken tibia, shin splints, tibial stress fractures.
2 surgeries, nerve compartment surgery, plantar fasciitis surgery.

Why Do You Run Ultras: For many reasons! I love pushing my body to see what it can do. I enjoy the process of training and putting my body through hell. It’s also the feeling of accomplishment when you cross that finish line. Running ultras also helps me stay in shape, helps me feel good about myself and helps me relieve stress. I also cherish all of the friendships that I have made over the many miles that I’ve shared with other runners throughout the years that I’ve been running.

Advice For Other Ultrarunners: Never give up in a race!! It’s supposed to hurt like hell, if it’s not hurting then you aren’t doing it right!! I have finished races on broken legs and torn muscles and I don’t regret it at all. Finishing races when my body was destroyed has only made me stronger for the next race.


Short-Term Goal: To lose 5 pounds so I can be at my best racing weight.

Long-Term Goal: To do a Half Ironman and then a Full Ironman someday.

Most Prized Possession: Photos of my kids.

Most Proud Achievement: In November, 2016, I set a new Kansas State record for females in the 12 hour by running 70.5 miles in 11:58:39.

Happiest Memory: Giving birth to my 3 kids.

Secret Ambition/Fantasy: To be able to run injury and pain free.

Greatest Adventure: Being a stay-at-home mom for 6 years.


Least Liked Subject: Algebra

Least Liked Household Chore: Dusting

Pet Peeve(s): Rude, inconsiderate people.

Greatest Fear: Losing my loved ones.


Hobbies: Anything outside!! Gardening, yard work, kayaking, hiking, fishing and of course, any kind of working out!!

What’s next: April 1st. I will be running my 1st ever 24 hour endurance run in Lebanon, Tennessee. I just recently got asked to be a guest speaker at the Eisenhower marathon pasta dinner on April 7th. The next morning I will be running that marathon. (Or maybe crawling it, because it will be 6 days after my 24 hour run.) I plan to do the Heartland 50 miler at the end of April and then the Honey Badger 100 miler in July.

Jaclyn cranking out a 1st Place Victory at The Hawk 50 Miler last September (2016).

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  1. Kenneth

    WOW!! great story and inspiration to men and women! i started running Ultras in 2015 Flatrock Elk City,KS was my first 25K….. brutal but no regrets i learned so much about myself and my personal limits. I tore my ACL last August playing basketball and look forward to my stem cell surgery so i can start training harder than ever. I ran half marathon last month Cross Timbers Trail Run at Lake Texoma finished 15th in my age group. with a torn ACL by the way. Love trail running and the relationships you build with fellow runners!

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