Featured Runner “Peggy Ward” March 2016

peggyIIPeggy Ward grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and that is where she gained her appreciation for the great outdoors. Running gives her the opportunity to be outdoors as well as it helps her deal with stress, and it has become her hobby.  She currently works two full time jobs and does some volunteer work, yet she made the time to train for and “finish” the 2015 Kansas Grand Slam.  What she has come to love most about running ultras is the community of people who participate in ultras and the friends she’s made along the way.


Date of Birth: December 18th.

Currently Residing:  Wichita, KS.

Marital Status: Divorced

Job(s): 2 full time jobs:  1)  CFO, JP Weigand & Sons, Inc. 2) Sr. Lecturer, Finance, Wichita State University.  Plus, I do about 50 income tax returns for investors.

Children: One daughter, Paige.

Height: 5’ 7 ½”

Weight: I don’t weigh myself anymore.

Shoe Size: 7 ½ but wear 8 ½ or 9 in running shoes.

Best Physical Feature: Dimples

Worst Physical Feature: Knuckles on my hands.

Religion: Christian

Political Affiliation: Not sure I want to be affiliated with any of them right now.

Educational Background: Associates degree:  Hutch Juco, BBA – Accounting and MBA:  Wichita State University.  Also licensed CPA.

Personal Strength(s): Ambitious, resilient, happy

Personal Weakness(es): Stubborn, independent

Make Of Car You Drive: Lexus RX 350 and Mercedes SLK 350

Make Of Car You Would Like To Drive: I always wanted the Mercedes hard top convertible, so I got one.

Pets: One cat, but I really miss not having a dog!


Favorite Author: Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series is the last series I read.  Not much time for reading now.

Favorite Book: Bible

Favorite Non-running Magazine: If traveling, I pick up word searches or cross word puzzles.

Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favorite TV Show: Seinfeld (nothing new compares)

Favorite Actor/Actress: Denzel Washington

Favorite Music: Anything but twangy Country Western or hard core rap.

Favorite Musical Performer: ‘performer’: best concert, probably Cher.

Favorite Artist: Monet

Favorite Spectator Sport: Basketball

Favorite Subject in School: Accounting …and Finance 340 since I teach it 🙂

Favorite Game: Leg wrestling…well, ok I just threaten people I’ll solve disputes with them that way.  Can’t remember the last person who took me up on it though…LOL!

Favorite Vacation Destination: Beach

Favorite Time Of Day:  My workout time (which changes).

Favorite Item Of Clothing: Blue Nike top my daughter got me for Mother’s Day one year.

Favorite Non-Running Leisure Activity: There are non-running leisure activities?

Favorite Running Shoe: Asics Nimbus

Favorite Food/Drink Before An Ultra: 6 Dunkin Donuts munchkins in the car, then pancakes and omelet the night before a race (Yes, it’s a pre-100 ritual!).

Favorite Food/Drink During An Ultra: PB&Js and ginger ale at every aid station.

Favorite Food/Drink After An Ultra: Breakfast: usually an omelet.

Favorite Crew/Pacer Person(s): The only pacers I have ever had:  Joell and Justin Chockley at The Hawk.  Crew:  Randy Albrecht, Paige Bergmeier, James Fox and Windy Shull.  All six of these people are truly AMAZING.  I finished my first 100 without crew or pacers, so I truly appreciated their help.  I couldn’t have broken the 50 mile record without James’s crew stop knowledge from doing triathlons.

Favorite Place To Run: Abandoned rail road track beds.

Favorite Type Of Running Surface: Rails to Trails 100 type surfaces.

Favorite Famous Quote: “The miracle isn’t that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start.” ― John Bingham, No Need for Speed: A Beginner’s Guide to the Joy of Running


Number of Years Running Ultras: 10 years.

Number of Ultras Finished:  (6) 100s, (1) 50, (1) 40.

Best Ultra Performance(s): Heartland 50, set course record for women, 2006.

Most Memorable Ultra: Each and every ultra has it’s ‘most memorable’ moment(s).  The most powerful moment was finishing the R2T 100/Kansas Grand Slam 2015 with Eric Steele (RD) and my daughter, Paige Bergmeier, at the finish line.  Still chokes me up to remember that feeling.

Typical Training Week(s) Before A Major Race: When training for the 50, I used a training schedule I found on line: http://www.runnersworld.com/ultramarathons/the-ultimate-ultramarathon-training-plan.  So I used it for 100s, too.

Injuries: None now, but the ones I battled the longest were plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma.  They kept me from getting to two or three starting lines in the past.

Ultrarunning Idol: I don’t know if idol is the right word, but the people who have helped me the most and to whom I look up to are:  Randy Albrecht, Tony Clark, Elden Galano, William Sprouse & Eric Steele.

Why Do You Run Ultras:  I wanted to run the 50 (my first) because my second marathon seemed boring and mainstream.  It’s the challenge of figuring out everything from the running, nutrition, and most of all your mind.  I tease people that I do it so I will have good stories to tell in the retirement home…oh and to hear people say, “100 miles, I don’t even drive that far.”

Advice For Other Ultrarunners: Be as individually prepared as possible, but be humble.  It takes more than “just you” to get you to that ultra finish line.


Personal Hero: My daughter Paige.  She dreams big and isn’t afraid to go on her own path in life.

Personal Philosophy:  Failure is not an option.

Short-Term Goal: To travel more again.  We used to go on a real vacation at least once a year.

Long-Term Goal: To have a beach house.

Most Prized Possession: A ring I designed with Michael Beaudry himself.

Most Proud Achievement: Finishing the 2015 Kansas Grand Slam.

Happiest Memory: Raising Paige has brought me my happiest memories.

Secret Ambition/Fantasy: If I tell, it won’t be a secret!

Greatest Adventure:  When my daughter and I set out driving to the Grand Canyon.  No real set plan in place.  Every day, we chose about two or three fliers from the hotel and visited the sights on the way out and back (taking two different routes).  The greatest part was sharing it with Paige.


Least Liked Subject: PE when you had to line up to do an activity…lucky for me, my last name started with N and they usually had you line up starting with A or Z, so by the time the middle of the pack goes, people are distracted and they aren’t watching anymore.

Least Liked Household Chore: Dusting

Pet Peeve(s): Inconsiderate people.

Greatest Fear: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  ~Franklin D Roosevelt  …so I try to not to let my fears interfere with my hopes and dreams.


Book Currently Reading: I have five I have started…not sure any will get finished.

Hobbies: Running (duh…LOL), lifting weights, traveling.

Collections:  Does dust count?  (see least favorite household chore)

What’s next: Athens Marathon 2016.  Might as well do the one that started the long distance craze. Also in 2016, I want to pace/volunteer/crew to help other people fulfill their ultra dreams.

peggy&paigePeggy with her daughter, Paige.

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