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Featured Runner “Jaclyn Long” March 2017

Jaclyn Long (in her own words): I am a single mother, (I was married for 11 years.) I have 3 amazing kids, so finding the time to run and train has not been easy, but I will say, “if you want it bad enough, then it can be done.” I give up sleep to train. […]


Featured Runner “Zach Adams” February 2017

Zach Adams pretends to be a white-collar corporate zombie Monday thru Friday in order to afford race entries, but is much happier writing columns for Ultrarunning Magazine, or blogging at, and proudly cut his “ultrarunning-writing-chops” back in 2013, blogging and writing for our newsletter, right here at Writing and playing Dungeons and Dragons are his […]


Nobody’s Perfect

The many crazy, wonderful people that I have met while running or volunteering at ultras have overwhelmingly been of extremely high character and integrity.  They have also shown a willingness to share and sacrifice in ways that may actually make things harder on themselves in order to help someone else reach their goals.  Ultrarunners are […]


Crewing Basics – Not All Fun and Games!

If you are not a runner yourself but have ever crewed for a runner you probably have no trouble remembering your first time.  It is pretty unforgettable.  You probably felt like a fish out of water.  At the very least, you probably wish you had been told that “cheering someone to the finish and re-filling […]


5 Ways Ultrarunners Are Exactly Like Newborn Babies

When you run a one-hundred mile foot race, it is easy to think of yourself as some kind of superhuman.  After all, you are voluntarily covering a distance on foot that a percentage of people very close to zero ever even attempt, much less succeed in accomplishing.  A bloated feeling of strength, power and invincibility […]


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