Thoughts on the Boston Marathon & Zach Adams Latest Blog Post

Eric SteeleA crazy blizzard during an ultra event, as experienced at our Inaugural Prairie Spirit Trail 100 & 50 Mile Ultras a little over three weeks ago, is NOTHING in comparison to the horror that occurred during the Boston Marathon yesterday. As a runner, it’s unfathomable to think about what it’s been like for the individuals participating and spectating at the event.

We are grief stricken to know that such a prestigious event that many have trained hard and strived to compete in over, quite possibly, their entire running career could be so tarnished by such a senseless act of destruction. Our hearts go out and we send our deepest sympathy to those families that are dealing directly with the aftermath of this most unfortunate incident.

Our collective psyche as not only runners, but as a nation, has once again been dealt a savage blow. What are we to do? Cancel our running events…work ourselves into a “hate-filled” frenzy towards the perpetrators…just move on in some numb state of complacency & social denial? No, absolutely not!

More than ever, it is now critical to move forward with a much deeper passion, commitment, thankfulness and INTENSE state of awareness about why “we runners and race organizers” do what we do! We do what we do because we know, intrinsically, that it somehow makes us better people…in nearly, if not, every single area of our lives…personally and professionally.

If you sincerely want to honor those affected yesterday by this horrific tragedy, STAY AWARE and practice more purposeful zeal, daily gratitude and deep appreciation for being given every moment you’re given in this precious state we call “life.”

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to spend the entire day with new found friend and our “In-House” Epic Ultra Blogger, Zach Adams. For 15 hours we hiked & prepped the Elk River Hiking Trail, here in southeastern Kansas, in preparation for our Inaugural FlatRock 101K. It was a splendid day getting to know Zach a little better, while getting our beloved “little gem” ready for all of the Epic UltraRunners who will be toeing the line in a little less than two weeks.

Click here to read Zach’s latest blog post, where he shares his own sentiments on yesterday’s tragedy and some “deep insight” on our upcoming Inaugural FlatRock 101K. Thank you Zach for another excellent post and all of your effort yesterday…we greatly appreciate you!

Be Epic,


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