“Should I call the WAAAAAAAAMbulance?” OR “I got a booboo!”


While working on the next part in a series of Prairie Spirit 100 blog entries I am affectionately calling “A Series of Snowfortunate Events”, I began to notice a bubbling cauldron of horseshit on social media that I have to call out.  It seems that there is some serious whining going on.  People are whining about not getting the chance to finish the Inaugural Prairie Spirit Trail 100 Mile Ultra Race because the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism shut the course down.  People are whining because they deserve (cough cough) a 50 mile buckle at least.  I saw some whining that the course should have been shut down sooner because it was getting dangerous.  I’ll make sure and call the organizers of Badwater to piss and moan that the elevation and temperature changes make it hard to train when you live in Kansas.  Blah.. waaa… waaaa.  Not epic.  Not epic at all.

You really want a buckle that says “100 mile finisher” when you did not finish the course?  I don’t care if you quit because you sprained your eyelid or Mother Nature took a giant shit on the trail that you couldn’t climb over.  I want that 100 mile buckle real bad but I don’t want it unless I earn it – regardless of mitigating factors.  I don’t want a 50 mile buckle because I ran almost 80.  Look… I am disappointed too.  This is my second try at 100 and second DNF.  I am freaking 0-2.  I plan on taking the disappointment and burning it as fuel in my next attempt.  I want to carry my sore, stumbling ass across the finish feeling one step away from death – so I get the full experience.  After all isn’t  this what ultrarunning is all about…  the EXPERIENCE?  I dare you to say that this was an experience you will ever forget.  Oh, and if you ever felt in mortal danger, you should have dropped, regardless of whether or not they were “shutting down the race”.

So take your feeling-sorry-for-yourself, its-not-fair attitude and your elitist roadrunner mentality and go sign up for a nice spring half-marathon on a flat, shady, chip-timed, certified course with an aid station every 1.5 miles.  This is ultrarunning… there is no room for this cancerous attitude here.  This is the draw of running off-road ultras.  The people involved, the collective badassery, and the indestructible spirit – even in the face of failure and adversity – is what made me fall in love with running ultras.  Don’t screw it up…  If you read this and get all butthurt, I am sorry.   I am sorry that I am running on some of the same courses as a big ass whiner with a sense of entitlement.

Don’t we start running ultras because there is a chance we won’t be able to finish them?       </rant>

Stay EPIC.


14 Responses to ““Should I call the WAAAAAAAAMbulance?” OR “I got a booboo!””

  1. Ken Childress

    Standing and applauding!!!

  2. Larry Kelley

    Rock on with your badass. It was my 1st 50 and much memorable than I thought it would be 🙂

  3. Rocky

    That is brutal…but I like it.

  4. Leslie

    This should go without saying….but you said it perfectly!

  5. Teresa

    Purity of the sport is following the rules. No grey areas. You’re post is a common sense wake up call for others. Thanks.

  6. Kristin

    Woo Hoo!!! Thank you!! I finished the 50 and want to come back for the 100 next year!!! It was Epic!!! Love the no nonsense attitude!!!

  7. Erica

    Do I know you? That was spot on and totally f’ing hilarious.

  8. Zach Adams

    @Erica – lol I don’t know. Do you? Sorry for editing out your expletive… personally I like that word.

  9. Mark Berry

    Totally agree. I chose to drop – after 86 miles while in 2nd place – because I was colder than anything, concerned about the welfare of my family/crew, and had nothing to prove. I’m happy with how the day ended and grateful for the race officials, aid station volunteers, crews, and fellow runners who made it a glorious day. I deserve nothing, but am grateful for the regard given to me by aid station volunteers. I deserve nothing, but am inspired by the fellow runners who did more than I, finished, and deserve every bit of respect they earned. I deserve nothing, but am blessed by the spectacle of the day – it was truly EPIC! I would never think to ask for something I did not earn – regardless of the circumstances.

    Cut the whining garbage. Strap it on. Register for next year and show what you have. Those who finish will receive what finishers deserve. Those that don’t will receive what they deserve.


  10. Travis Owens

    Awesome post and oh so true!

  11. footfeathers

    Right on. Love it.

  12. Haley

    PERFECT! Love it!

  13. Michael Schaffer

    Same people that whine would be outraged if someone was seriously hurt or died due to the conditions. Those same people would be screaming that the race should have been shut down and the RD should be strung up for not doing so.

  14. Reina Probert

    Right on!! I am going to have to sign up for next year’s race!

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