ULTRARUNNING 101: A Presentation by Eric Steele

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So, you’ve run a marathon or two, maybe even several…now what? Deep inside you are yearning to take it to the next level, but have little knowledge on where to begin. Quite possibly, you have also heard, or read, colorful lore about a special breed of runners that push themselves beyond the limit of mere mortal’s marathons and perpetually re-define what the concept of human potential actually means, who are referred to as ultrarunners. Why do individuals attempt these seemingly impossible athletic endeavors known as ultramarathons?  How do they prepare to stay on their feet and keep moving for numerous consecutive hours?  What type of physical training, mental fortitude and nutritional intake is required for one to survive, and ultimately finish, an event like this?  If you have been asking yourself any of the above questions and have a burning desire to get them answered and possibly take your running game to the next level, you won’t want to miss out on this!

Come join us on January 21st at Connie’s Mexico Cafe or on January 25th at First Gear Running Company and listen to 20-year veteran ultrarunner, founder of Epic Ultras and native Wichitan, Eric Steele, breakdown the fundamentals all aspiring and new ultrarunners need to know in order to drastically increase their chances for success in this extreme sport.  Eric will draw from his rich history, including personal experiences and accomplishments in this sport and share the basics for anyone interested in (or insane enough to actually TRY) ultrarunning, while enthusiastically answering all ultrarunning related questions and interacting with attendees. Eric’s presentation is primarily geared towards runners considering attempting their first ultra and runners who are fairly new to the sport, however, experienced ultrarunners can also gain a significant amount of insight from Eric’s two decades of ultrarunning experience and are certainly welcome, as well.

Eric Steele is uniquely qualified to speak on the sport of ultrarunning, as he has not only competed in well over 50 ultramarathons in the past 20 years himself, but has also organized and directed nearly 30 more over this same time span, while introducing hundreds of runners to their first ultramarathon. Personally speaking, a couple of his most notable ultramarathon performances include finishing the Leadville Trail 100 Mile in 1999 and becoming the first Kansan, back in 2000, to finish Badwater.  Held in July and known as “The World’s Toughest Footrace” it begins at Badwater Basin, in the heart of Death Valley and covers 146 miles, crossing Death Valley, finishing at the highest point in the continental United States, the summit of Mt. Whitney (14,505 ft.). Professionally speaking, Eric is a Management graduate (with High Honors) from Friends University, an RRCA Certified Race Director and founded the Kansas Ultrarunner’s Society back in 1995, along with the FlatRock 50K (Kansas’ Oldest Ultramarathon) where he has served as Race Director, since its inception, for the past 19 years.

In the summer of 2012, Eric founded (and currently serves as CEO) Epic Ultras, an ultramarathon race management company that added four new ultramarathon events to the race calendar in Kansas last year and attracted runners in from 24 different states. The primary purpose of Eric’s company, Epic Ultras, is to stage the highest quality ultramarathon races possible, while co-creating the “experience of a lifetime” with all of his participants and staff members, at every Epic Ultra Event. Few individuals in Wichita, if any, have the collective experience, or passion for the sport of ultrarunning, that Eric has acquired in his two decades as a participant and Race Director.

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    Connie's Mexico Cafe @ 5:30 p.m. on 1/21/14
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