I oftenPST100-2015-2657 find myself wondering why I continue running ultras.  Why would I willingly participate in an activity that beats my body to the point that walking to the bathroom becomes nearly impossible?  Why is it worth doing when it makes me shed toenails more often than a snake sheds it skin?  I have had blisters the size or dollar bills, gashed knees, and even temporarily lost feeling in the tips of my toes.  I have puked on the trail and crapped in places and wiped with available materials that would classify me as barbaric at best.  Staying awake for 48 or more hours at a time during an ultra (and dragging serious ass at work for days afterward) would most likely not be considered “a reward” by most people.  Ultras (and the required training) monopolize a ton of my time, costs me a small fortune in gear and race entries, take me away from my family on the weekends, and have put me outdoors in some seriously shitty weather for hours and hours at a time.  So…. Why?  Why do I continue to train and run ultras? For the fun?  Click Here to Read the Full Article

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