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Prairie Spirit 100: It Was Indeed EPIC – Part III – “Yetis in the Mist” or “Hand me my Lightsaber…”

Prairie Spirit 100 Part I Prairie Spirit 100 Part II  Previously, on “Prairie Spirit 100″…  Our unlikely hero has arrived in Ottawa in an effort to reach his goal of completing a 100 mile trail run.  A fun filled evening of dinner and camaraderie with other ultrarunners is ended with a restless night of sleep.  The morning greets our […]


Inaugural Prairie Spirit Trail 100 & 50 Mile Ultra Races / March 23, 2013

WOW…what an “EPIC ADVENTURE” our Inaugural Prairie Spirit Trail 100 & 50 Mile Ultra Races were a little over a couple of weeks ago! None of us could have ever predicted or fully prepared for the magnitude of “ultra-experience” we were all given the opportunity to partake in. Massive congratulations to everyone who was gutsy […]


Prairie Spirit 100: It Was Indeed EPIC – Part 1 – “Pre-Race Jitters” or “What in the Hell Was I Thinking?”

Prior to Prairie Spirit 100, the longest race I have completed was a 100K put on by the KC Trail Nerds.  In October, I tried 100 miles but was unsuccessful in my first attempt.  For me, 100 miles is still my number one running goal.  The DNF in October really left a cat shit taste in […]


Ultra: Step 1: Decide. Step 2: Do. Step 3: Be Epic!

I am totally stoked and completely thankful to have such a great opportunity to share my experiences and thoughts on ultrarunning with other individuals who are also slightly insane, irritatingly persistent, and somewhat sadomasochistic.  Major thanks to Epic Ultras founder, Eric Steele, for not only this opportunity, but for inspiring and motivating me to be the most […]


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