Don’t Forget – Enjoy Yourself!

DSC_9349_s_jpgHey guys… ET here, phoning home.  It’s been a while I know, but [insert lame ass excuse here].  I really do plan on posting way more often, I promise.

So it has been a strange cool and rainy summer which, while bad for camping and lake trips, is pretty awesome for running outdoors.  I have been taking full advantage and working my ass off pretty hard since the last Epic Ultras Event – even doing a couple other ultras in which I attempted to run down Epic Ultras founder, Mr. Eric Steele, (failing both times) – he still runs damn good for a grandpa, hahaha! Training can turn into a grind, other times, it can really be grand!  This morning it was grand.

I got up around 5 and listened to it storm and watched the lightning flash in the sky while enjoying a pot of coffee.  The plan was to throw on the 20# conditioning vest I call SATAN for a 5 mile run.  After careful consideration I concluded wrapping myself in a vest filled with metal – essentially turning myself into a human lightning rod – didn’t seem like a terribly brilliant idea.  I took off shirtless (control yourself ladies) out into the rain with my little black pug, Ermah, for about a mile warm-up.  I watched her happily zigzag around and through the puddles without a care in the world, and I decided that’s how I was going to run today.  After I dropped her back at the house, I took off and was just enjoying playing in the rain.  Stomping in the mud, splashing through the small rivers flowing down the streets, and watching the lightning cross the sky combined to really take all of the work out of it.  I was just out playing, and it was awesome.  I didn’t care where, how fast, or how far I was going.  I ran on the high school track barefoot for a couple miles just watching it storm.  I began to feel like I was pulling energy from the electricity in the air and being powered by the universe itself.  I wasn’t counting laps, concentrating on breathing,  or watching my splits. I was just running.  When I got home I had logged 10 of the most enjoyable miles I have ever run.  I hope I can discover how to re-capture this feeling every single time I run.

The point is this – don’t forget to enjoy running.  Don’t get so lost in the mechanics and details that you overlook the primal satisfaction you get from the exertion of moving your body from one place to the next.  Don’t let it become just another chore to check off of your daily to-do list.

I’ll see you guys at Flatrock shortly, and don’t forget to get registered for the Prairie Spirit Fall Classic 50k or 50mile on October 26th.

Until next time, BE EPIC!


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