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Featured Runner “Cheryl Kastl” July 2019

Cheryl Kastl (in her own words): Unlike most ultra-runners, running has not always been a part of my life.  My thoughts were, “Why would anybody want to do that!” I have my son (Jeremy Harrison) to thank for this wonderful life changing experience. He kept telling me that I needed to go run with him […]


Featured Runner “Jeremy Harrison” June 2019

Jeremy Harrison (in his own words): I have always been driven and I like to win. I spent too many years chasing what I thought was the “American Dream.” I got it and it didn’t make me happy (in fact, it made me miserable). It’s not fun to look in the mirror and not recognize […]


Featured Runner “Chavet Breslin” May 2019

Chavet (Shavay) Breslin was raised in Denver, Colorado and still lives there. She absolutely loves running as she’s an ultramarathon runner and spends much of her time training on the roads in Denver and on the trails in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She has been running for 26 years. Chavet loves to travel and runs […]


Featured Runner “Mike Rives” April 2019

Mike Rives (in his own words): I ran off and on growing up, as many of us do. My first race that was actually “timed” was in June 2004. Ran a 10K in Ada a month later. After the race, I figured out that in the 2 food bars and bottle of Gatorade, I had […]


Featured Runner “Karen Holmes” March 2019

Karen Holmes (in her own words): I was not athletic at all in my younger years.  I did ride my bike and climb trees, but I was the person last picked for sports.  I hated team sports and I do to this day.  I cringe when I hear people shouting at someone on a team […]


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