2015 WinterRock Event Status

WinterRock Status – 2015

See you on Saturday, January 24th!

E-Mail sent to all WinterRock Registrants at 6:45 PM (CST) on Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Greetings WinterRock Registrants:

Over the past couple of years, I have been accused several times of being a “little wordy” or “too lengthy” in my e-mails…and at times that may certainly be true, however, when MOST or nearly ALL of the information is REALLY important, than I will ALWAYS feel that it’s better to be a little wordy and lengthy (to be as thorough as possible), than a bit short and leave out too much detail…especially particular details I have already been questioned about on numerous occasions…so, PLEASE READ THIS E-MAIL IN IT’S ENTIRETY as it contains VERY IMPORTANT information about the little “fun-run” you registered for this Saturday called WinterRock.

First off, we are super-excited that the weather looks absolutely beautiful for Saturday, with a predicted high in the upper 50’s and low wind. Even though the weather did not get quite as brutal three weeks ago as was originally predicted, there was STILL substantial ice on the trail two days before our event, which was why we postponed it until this Saturday and are VERY thankful the “weather-gods” are cooperating so wonderfully now!

If you’ve never run an Epic Ultras Event before, please be aware that this IS primarily a “fat-ass” style event, which is why there was a minimal entry donation ($10/$20) and optional shirts. Please remember, there are no awards, water only aid stations and most importantly, no “Epic Finish Line!” You will, however, pick up a packet that contains your shirt (if purchased) along with an assigned a bib number that MUST be worn, as our races will be timed (hand-keyed) and official results will be posted on Ultra Signup Saturday evening after the race. There will also be hot beverages pre and post race, along with hot chicken and noodle soup and bean soup (vegetarian) after you finish. If you would like to experience a FULL BLOWN Epic Ultras Event, please register for one of our other numerous events (if they are not already sold out) throughout 2015.

We have had numerous requests about purchasing our Epic Ultras winter beanies (image attached) that debuted on our digital holiday greeting card this year, which we e-mailed out and posted to all Epic Ultras Facebook pages around Christmas time…and YES, we will have a LIMITED SUPPLY available (about 30 total) for purchase this Saturday for $25 per beanie…cash and check only. These are genuine SweatVac winter beanies and are specifically designed for running in colder weather.

We are also SUPER excited to announce we have been developing a mobile app for the past month…and though we still have a few additions to make in the upcoming weeks it is now FULLY LAUNCHED and available for download on your mobile device. MOST IMPORTANTLY, within the app is our very first LOYALTY PROGRAM…AND you can earn your first digital stamp this Saturday at WinterRoock, but you MUST have the app downloaded and bring your mobile device with you to packet pickup on Saturday. Additionally, in the future, we will also be periodically sending out special promotions and discounts JUST to individuals who have downloaded and are using our app! Follow the link below on your mobile device to download our app now…and PLEASE REMEMBER to ALLOW “push notifications” along with “geo-location tracking” when downloading our app, so you don’t MISS OUT on any special offers and important messages. Download our app now by following the link below on your mobile device:


Following are all other pertinent details (with a little purposefully built-in redundancy) regarding our little “fun-runs” this Saturday:

Please click on the link below now if you would like to see our entrants list, and/or your bib assignment.


Both races start at 11 a.m. SHARP from the Outlet Channel Shelter. 5 hour cutoff for either event. Packet/race bib pickup (shirt if purchased) and check in from 9:30 – 10:30 a.m. Short pre-race briefing at 10:45 a.m. If you show up after 10:30 a.m. you will most likely have to wait until after the race starts at 11 a.m. to get your bib number and actually start the race…BOTTOM LINE…show up on time BEFORE 10:30 a.m.

Elk River Hiking Trail. Accurately measured forest trail winding through unique limestone bluffs, rock formations & picturesque vistas. Mostly single-track, out & back, very rocky, no long hills, extremely rugged. Home of the “legendary” FlatRock 50/25K’s in late September and the FlatRock 101K in late April.

3 Aid Stations in the 25K and 1 (turnaround) in the 12K. Aid stations are approximately 3.5-4 miles apart, are all unmanned, with only water available. NO CUPS will be available, so you MUST carry a handheld bottle with you on the course. ALSO, if you need fuel (calories) of any type, YOU are responsible to pack it with you, as there will be NONE available on the course.

CHECK-IN (Staging Area):
Race headquarters will be located in the Outlet Channel Group Shelter (north side of the Elk City Lake dam). Packet/race bib pickup (shirt if purchased) and check in will be from 9:30:10:30 AM on Saturday morning January 24, 2015. IF you have never been here before, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND allowing an extra 20-30 minutes to make sure you arrive stress free. A Google map pinpointing the staging area can be found by clicking the link below:


If for some reason you are having any difficulty obtaining specific directions to our staging location from the Google Map linked above, the coordinates are:

Latitude: 37.27919218
Longitude: -95.78709126

An assortment of warm beverages (coffee, hot chocolate, tea, cider, etc.) will be available for runners prior to our start. A hearty chicken noodle soup and some type of “vegan” bean soup, along with the previously mentioned “hot beverages” will be available for all runners after their respective finish.

There are several different ways to get to the Outlet Channel Shelterhouse (Staging Area) depending upon which direction you are coming from. Please click on the link below to open a Google Map where you can get specific directions to the Outlet Channel Shelter (Staging Location). If you have never been to FlatRock before we highly recommend allowing a little extra drive time (20-30 minutes) so you can arrive stress free.


If for some reason you are having any difficulty obtaining specific directions to our staging location from the Google Map linked above, the coordinates are:

Latitude: 37.27919218
Longitude: -95.78709126

For a profile of the 50K course, please click the link below (25K listed turnaround accurate, 12K turnaround about half way to 25K turnaround…duh!!!):


We are certainly looking forward to co-creating another outstanding Epic Ultras Event with all of you on Saturday and even though this is not a “full blown” Epic Ultras Event, we can promise you the energy in the air and the camaraderie/fun amongst the runners will certainly still “Be Epic”…looking forward to seeing many old friends and making many new ones!!!

As always, in all ways, Be Epic,

Eric Steele, RD
Epic Ultras

 E-Mail sent to all WinterRock Registrants at 5:10 PM (CST) on Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Greetings WinterRock Registrants:

Unfortunately, we are going to “officially postpone” the 3rd Annual WinterRock 25/12K’s scheduled for tomorrow, January 3rd, due to ALL of the following reasons stated in yesterday’s status update, which if you have not read, is contained below.

As of this afternoon, there was still significant portions of ice covered rocks on the trail, along with a current 80% chance of potentially freezing rain tonight and this just poses WAY too many additional risks to holding this event tomorrow, which as stated yesterday, IS why we have a “Weather Permitting Policy” in place for this event to begin with.

Best part is that we are NOT cancelling it, just postponing it until January 24th. We’ll plan on seeing you all then!

Be Epic,

Eric Steele, RD
Epic Ultras

E-Mail sent to all WinterRock Registrants at 5:10 PM (CST) on Thursday, January 1st, 2015

Greetings WinterRock Registrants:

Well, we waited as long as we could hoping the weather forecast for this Friday night/Saturday might clear out some…after all it is Kansas and usually changes every few hours, however, since we are less than 48 hours away now, we just wanted to send out a quick update to let you know that the chances are really HIGH right now that we will have to postpone our event until Saturday, January 24, 2015.

We have a trail scout that was on several miles of the trail just a couple of hours ago and reported the rocks (which for those who are not aware, make up a significant part of the trail) are all iced over and very slick with the forecast currently showing 80% chance of freezing rain Friday night and on into Saturday morning/day.

In addition to the trail itself being MUCH more hazardous than it already is, due to the ice, we also are not willing to run the risk of being able to get anyone off of the trail (due to an injury) without a very high chance of becoming hypothermic in wet and freezing conditions, due to the remote nature of the trail.

Additionally, when the rocks are icy, it’s pretty much impossible for us to access the two aid station areas as they are down very rocky 4-Wheel drive roads that are pretty gnarly to get into in good conditions…and finally, the significant risk/hazard associated with everyone (staff & competitors) driving on potentially slick roads to even get to the race site itself.

Please remember when you registered for this event that we CLEARLY spelled out our “Weather Permitting Policy” for this event on our registration page at Ultra Signup…you can see it again by clicking the link below now:


And though we are NOT officially postponing it yet, we certainly wanted to give you a “heads-up” that as it stands right now the chances are really HIGH we will.  However, we are not going to make an “official call” on it until tomorrow afternoon and maybe even as late as 5 am Saturday morning, as stated on our Ultra Signup registration page, too.

We will utilize the following page on our website to post updates, as well as sending another e-mail out tomorrow afternoon/early evening and plan on texting the following link shortly to everyone registered, as well. If you have friends or family that are registered, PLEASE reach out to them and make sure they are aware of the following link and information contained in this e-mail and to stay tuned to the following link.


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience a postponement to January 24th might cause some of you, however, we have this “Weather Permitting Policy” in place for this event for a very specific situation, just like the one we are experiencing now…thanks for your understanding.

Be Epic,

Eric Steele, RD
Epic Ultras


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